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New to Real Estate? Here's How to Become Successful.


A successful real estate career can be more rewarding than you can imagine, but getting there can seem like a mystery. From joining the right brokerage to choosing effective technology and other strategies, here are the practical steps you can take to find your way.


5 Steps to Success


Step 1: Choose a reputable brokerage
Start by researching and finding a quality real estate brokerage to join. While commission splits are important, your first brokerage should offer the training and mentorship you need to grow.


Step 2: Select the right practice area (aka farm area)
When it comes to the geographic area you want to practice in as a real estate agent, choose wisely. Make sure to research the demographics and behaviors of buyers and sellers so you can develop a laser focused and highly targeted marketing strategy.


Step 3: Make a business plan
Develop a solid business plan and revisit it at the end of every year. By laying out goals, budgets, and market analyses, you are setting the groundwork for your future steps. Areas to re-evaluate include:

  • Lead generation standing and goals
  • Pipeline status
  • Client expenses
  • Technology subscription expenses
  • Marketing fees vs. ROI
  • Commissions versus cost of living and business expenses


Step 4: Market yourself
Employ marketing materials to garner name recognition and leads on a constant basis. From door hangers and postcards to monthly newsletters, there are endless options when it comes to print that will help you get in front of some of your most valuable future clients. Mailers, for example, still deliver the best ROI if they're consistent, eye-catching, full of useful content, and include a call to action.


Step 5: Set time aside for lead generation
Block one or two hours every day for activities like cold calling, nurturing existing leads, and ad creation and management.


Keep in Mind

There is no specific number of sales or listings that instantly translate to success. Instead, evaluate your success as a real estate agent by the outcomes you get for your clients, the income you create, the number of hours you work, and how long it takes you to reach milestones. That's what defines a successful real estate career. JJ Elek Realty can help. Join our team today at 732-634-9100.


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