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The most successful real estate agents are those who can generate a constant stream of quality leads. Your ability to manage appointments, negotiate deals, and serve clients is essential as well, but without leads, you won't get very far. Here are some tips to help you find them.


  1. Build a business plan

Put together or revisit your business plan at the end of every year. This forces you to analyze where your business came from, as well as what worked or failed, so you can plan for the following year.


  1. Categorize your contacts

As a new real estate agent, it's common to throw every contact we meet into our database without categorizing them. Instead, organize your client database in three groups:  

  • Hot leads: Clients who always have you top of mind.
  • Warm leads: Clients who send referrals your way on occasion, but have potential to move into your hot leads with more nurturing.
  • Cold leads: People you have helped but have never referred another lead your way.


  1. Use online tools

Technology advancements make it easier to manage your time and have whatever you need for a real estate transaction at your fingertips. Helpful online tools include:

  • Dropbox: A cloud-based system that can help you stay on top of your escrows in or out of the office, on your phone, laptop, and standalone computer
  • LionDesk: A contact relationship management (CRM) platform: Use this to categorize your contacts, save reminders and prompt next steps. It also lets you connect to potential clients via text and email without leaving the platform


  1. Invest in building your brand

Whether you work for a large or small office, name and brand recognition are important. Create your own look and feel that people in your community recognize. At the very least, you'll need a logo, color scheme, or tagline as part of your marketing plan. This will help you build trust, memorability.


  1. Call clients on a quarterly basis

Clients want to know their real estate agent cares about them. Calling each client quarterly and truly listen to their concerns. Then take notes with your online tools on the "pleasure and pain" items that your client is experiencing.


  1. Provide a yearly market analysis
    Whether the market is hot or cold, a homeowner always wants to know the market value of their home. Run a market analysis and give them the option to have the information emailed or presented in person.



The most helpful tip is considerably basic—just show up. Put in the time and effort to get results by working smarter, not harder. You'll find that investing yourself in your career delivers long-term results. JJ Elek Realty offers the support you need to grow your real estate business. Join our team today at 732-634-9100.


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