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Soft Skills Real Estate Agents Need to Succeed


Successful people usually have specific expertise in their field. For real estate agents, knowing the intricacies of project financing, contract writing, and building codes is key, but if you can't close a sale or get referrals, those hard skills won't take you far. This is where soft skills come into play.


What are soft skills?

Soft skills have more to do with who people are, rather than what they know. They play a key role in demonstrating how an individual interacts with colleagues, performs work-related tasks, communicates, and builds relationships. The following must-have soft skills will set you apart from the competition in real estate, ensure you're building lasting client partnerships, and make you a great team player.


From paperwork to scheduling to coordinating financing, the real estate process requires organization to keep the transaction on track.


You need to be able to speak confidently and easily with buyers, sellers, and investors from all walks of life and backgrounds.


Successful real estate agents know how to listen and understand what their client wants from the transaction. You also need to make clients feel understood, and create a space where they feel able to talk freely and honestly.


Real estate transactions take time and you don't get paid until the house is sold. It takes patience to successfully navigate the process.


In real estate, it helps to be able to see both sides of an issue and develop a solution that fits the needs of all parties involved.


Agents who have empathy care about satisfying their clients more than the bottom line.



When looking for new business, you must follow up on every lead until it dies or turns into a closed transaction. Once you've secured a client, you should explore every avenue to help them achieve their goals.


Other key skills include:

  • Growth mindset
  • Resourcefulness
  • Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Motivation
  • Resilience
  • Self-awareness


How to develop soft skills

You'll have to engage in a little self-reflection before you know which soft skills need developing or strengthening. This can be tough, but also extremely rewarding. From there, you can develop many soft skills at your own pace by putting yourself in situations that test them or by taking some online training courses that help build them. Join the team at JJ Elek and learn all the ways we help our sales agents succee

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